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Now you can easily refill your prescriptions online or pay your bill through our secure and easy patient portal. For any questions about our products or services, we encourage you to contact us today!


Home Sleep Therapy Program

Did you know that approximately 42 million Americans have sleep disordered breathing, the most common condition being obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? Hometown Healthcare is proud of our best-in-class treatment program for sleep apnea. We set up more patients on CPAP and Bi-Level devices than any other company in the greater Capital Region.

We combine high-tech equipment with a high-touch approach to help you succeed with your prescription’s treatment plan. Every one of the PAP devices we dispense comes equipped with "life of the machine" cellular data connectivity. This data uploads to our cloud daily and includes information like usage time, mask leak, apnea-hypopnea index, and other helpful metrics that prompt us to proactively get involved when you need help.  We don't just have the data. We take ACTION with the data.

As a result, patients in the Hometown family are significantly more likely to be adherent on their PAP device compared to those dispensed by other companies. In fact, our compliance rates are approximately 50% higher than the national average. Let our experts help you get the good night's sleep you deserve. Your mind and body will thank you!

Start Your Sleep Therapy Journey

Regularly replenishing your sleep supplies is critical for keeping your therapy as clean and effective as possible!  Have you ever wondered how often you need to replace your supplies?

Home Care Pharmacy

The experienced pharmacists at Hometown Healthcare strive to make it easier for you to take the right medications at the right times!

Refill Prescriptions

Simplify My Meds

With our Simplify My Meds program, patients taking five or more maintenance medications per month can receive free delivery of their prescriptions on ONE single day each month. Once enrolled in this free program, a member of our pharmacy team will contact you or your caregiver seven days prior to each medication delivery.

This program allows us to stay on top of any changes or updates to your medication regiment for each new month. Check out more benefits of this program below:

  • Eliminate last-minute phone calls to your doctor's office for refills or prior authorization requests
  • Review your med list to determine which maintenance meds are an appropriate fit for the program
  • If new medication is introduced or existing one falls out of sync, our team will proactively gather necessary partial prescriptions to ensure all medications are synchronized around one fill date

By taking into account multiple factors including anticipated one-time short fill copay costs, the degree to which specific meds can be short filled compared to others (based on physical form, any early fill restriction issues, etc), we then determine an appropriate initial "sync date" for your first medication delivery. We also offer a convenient online prescription refill service! Why wait? Refill your prescriptions today.

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Portable Oxygen Therapy

At Hometown Healthcare, we are passionate about equipping our home oxygen patients with unlimited, lightweight portability.  Thousands of patients in the greater capital have experienced greater quality of life, freedom, and independence as a result of the convenient oxygen modalities we dispense.

Efficient Equipment Delivery & Setup

When we receive new home oxygen or oximetry referral from a physician group, we make a same-day welcome call and delivery your therapy that day! We understand the need for speed when it comes to new respiratory referrals. Our registered respiratory therapists fit each patient with the right oxygen equipment for their needs. Hometown Healthcare also offers 24-hour service for all life-dependent equipment, which includes oxygen.


Contact Our Staff

If you have any questions about our products and services or would like to speak to one of our experts, we invite you to reach out to us today! We're happy to help.