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Home-Care Pharmacy

Our goal is to make it EASY for you to take the right medications at the right times


Simplify My Meds is a “medication synchronization” program where patients who are on 5 or more maintenance medications receive free delivery of their prescriptions on ONE single day each month.   Once enrolled in this free program, a member from our pharmacy team will call you or your caregiver 7 days prior to each medication delivery.  This keeps our patients from having to remember what day their delivery is coming each month.  It also allows us to stay on top of any changes or updates to each patient’s medication regimen from month to month.

What are some other benefits of this program?

Simplify My Meds from Hometown Healthcare eliminates last minute phone calls to your doctor’s offices for refills or prior authorization requests.

If a new medication is introduced or if an existing medication falls “out of synch” for some reason, our team will proactively gather the necessary partial prescriptions to make sure all medications end up synchronized around ONE fill date.

To bring a new customer on board, Hometown Healthcare will review the patient’s med list to determine which maintenance meds are an appropriate fit for the program. By taking into account multiple factors including anticipated one-time short fill co-pay costs, the degree to which specific meds can be short filled compared to others (based on physical form, any early fill restriction issues, etc), we then determined an appropriate initial “synch date” for his/her first medication delivery.

The Process...



Questions? You may contact Hometown Healthcare online or call us: 
518-500-0000  and Press 1 for Our Pharmacy Department